Beretta 1301 Tactical Barrel Clamp


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Keep it all together with a Nordic barrel clamp.
Modular when you need it to be and durable 24/7, a Nordic clamp adds strength and flexibility to your MXT extension.

Everyone knows the most important trait of a tactical/defensive firearm is reliability. Our MXT extension tubes are built for hard use, but a barrel clamp seals the deal when it comes to knock-around toughness, along with being a handy place to mount a light, sling, or whatever else the industry has managed to slap on to a tac rail.

The Nordic Components Beretta 1301 Tactical barrel clamp provides the same extra rigidity for your magazine extension as our standard clamp, with the necessary modifications to clear the fixed front sight on the 1301 Tactical. Each clamp half has a centrally-located 10-32 threaded hole to accept accessories, such as a sling stud or our barrel clamp tac rail or QD sling mount.

Our Beretta 1301 Tactical barrel clamp is designed specifically for Nordic extension tubes (1.060″ diameter) but may be compatible with other extension tubes of similar dimensions.

Note: The shotgun barrel clamp makes contact with your barrel and may cause finish wear with use. We recommend applying masking tape to the inside of the clamp fingers that contact the barrel to alleviate this potential wear or using the Stacra barrel clamp gasket (the Stacra gasket will need to be trimmed for use with the 1301 clamp). Because we have no control over the installation of this product, Nordic Components is not responsible for any resulting wear or damage.

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Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 in


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