How to Configure Your MXT Extension Kit

Nordic Components recently changed how MXT extension kits are purchased.  In the past, the kit would be sold as a single unit, containing the extension tube, tube cap, model-specific nut, and spring.

With the new retail configuration of these products, the model-specific nut has been separated into its own product.  The price of purchasing both products is still the same as ordering a kit including the nut, but this makes it easier for retailers to carry a broader range of Nordic products.  This also means that you’re buying the same components with the same part numbers, whether you’re ordering direct from us or from one of our many fine dealers.


What does this mean for the consumer?


If you’re looking to order an extension tube kit, you’re going need the following two components:


MXT Extension Nut

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The extension nut is the model-specific component of the MXT kit, which adapts the extension tube to your shotgun.  Without this nut, there’s no way to attach your extension tube.  If you don’t see your brand of shotgun listed under one of the options for extension nuts, contact us at for more information — we likely have something that will work!


MXT Shotgun Magazine Extension Tube Kit

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The extension tube kit contains the extension tube, tube cap, and spring.  These components aren’t specific to a particular model of shotgun (though they are caliber specific — we have both 12 and 20 gauge extensions), so any 12 gauge extension will work on any 12 gauge nut.  We offer extensions ranging from +1 through +9, which range from under 4″ to over 20″ in total length, so make sure you reference that handy measurement and dimension chart on the product page so you know exactly what length you want for your particular shotgun and application.


As long as you have both the MXT extension nut and the MXT shotgun magazine extension tube kit, you’ve got all the components needed to install a Nordic extension on your shotgun.

Oh, one more thing…

While it’s a good idea with any extension tube, we strongly recommend use of a barrel clamp with any extension longer than a +4.  We have a few different models of barrel clamps, so make sure you check out the information on the individual product pages.

Our extension tubes are strong, but the clamps add durability and stability to the tube, along with providing a great place to mount slings, lights, or other accessories.