MXT Extension Features and Benefits

Nordic Components MXT shotgun magazine extensions can be found on some of the best competition, tactical, and hunting shotguns around the world.  The modularity and enhanced features provided by the MXT are second to none.  These are some of the many reasons our MXT tubes are the extensions that shooters depend on when it counts:


  • The three-piece design of the MXT system means that the magazine nut is the only shotgun-specific component.  In other words, a single MXT tube can be used on multiple shotguns, as long as the shotguns have the correct MXT nut.
  • The MXT’s modular design allows for further capacity expansion with use of a magazine coupler and additional tube (also available as a kit).  This feature accommodates rapid overall length and capacity changes with the simple removal or addition of the coupler nut.
  • A barrel clamp relief groove is machined into MXT tubes +3 or larger.  This keeps the barrel clamp in place under even the harshest recoil. Because the groove is not centered on the tube and the tube threads are the same on both sides, rotating the tube end for end allows adjustment of the clamp location.


  • The ability to easily remove a coupled extension simplifies the matter of transporting an extended-magazine shotgun, as it now may be easily broken down to fit in standard shotgun cases.
  • The MXT is available in a variety of lengths, including models specific to the Benelli M2.  This maximizes the options available for prioritizing either magazine capacity or overall length.


  • Installation of the MXT is fast, simple, and generally requires no tools or gunsmithing (may vary depending on shotgun model).  Easily followed instructions are included with every assembly.
  • Because the MXT endcap is a separate component, magazine cleaning is much simpler than with a single-piece extension.  There is no need to remove the entire extension or barrel clamp; once the endcap, spring and follower are removed, the entire magazine tube is accessible for cleaning.


  • The MXT’s anodized 6063 aluminum construction provides durability and light weight, along with a matte appearance that complements a broad variety of shotgun makes and models.
  • When paired with an MXT Barrel Clamp, the MXT extension is rigidly connected to the shotgun barrel to prevent damage or malfunction.

An equal degree of attention has been put into the design of the MXT Barrel Clamp:

  • Our barrel clamp is designed specifically for our extensions. This adds support for the extra weight associated with more ammo capacity with the reliability that only a product of dedicated engineering can provide.
  • Aside from providing maximum support and protection for the magazine, our barrel clamp allows attachment of a sling by using either a standard 10-32 sling stud or our QDA plate for use with quick-detach style sling hardware, as well as attachment of a Picatinny rail (also available as a kit) for mounting lights, lasers, or other accessories.
  • Changes in point of impact due to variances in clamp tension and location are minimized by virtue of the MXT clamp relief groove, which ensures repeatable indexing, and the MXT three-piece design, which eliminates the need to remove the barrel clamp for cleaning and most maintenance.