How can I order Nordic Components products?

We don’t offer retail sales directly, but there are a variety of ways to get our stuff. In no particular order…

Order from a local dealer:

We sell through a number of distributors, so our products are available to almost any firearms dealer or sporting goods store.

Many shops will have a selection of Nordic products in stock; anything that isn’t on the shelf is readily available through wholesale. Additionally, your local dealer will be able to assist with information specific to your application and installation, if necessary. As a small business ourselves, we always advocate giving your business to your local retailer when possible.

Order from one of our affiliated dealers:

Visit the Where to Buy page, which has links to a number of affiliated dealers. The majority of the dealers listed here will carry all or most of our product line and will generally allow backorders for components they don’t have in stock. Dealers we list on our site will all offer online sales, and may also have a walk-in retail location.

Find other retailers by searching product part numbers:

To protect their dealer network, our distributors do not provide us with information on dealers who purchase directly from wholesale. Because of this, there are many dealers who offer our products who don’t come to our attention. You can find these dealers by performing an online search for the part number of the product you’re looking to buy.

All products will display their part number on the product page (variable products, like the pictured tube kit, will update the part number when a selection is made in the drop-down menu). Entering this part number into a search engine may provide links to dealers other than those we list.