Q: What length shells are used to measure the added magazine capacity?

A: Our extensions are measured using 2.75″ star-crimped shells, with an average overall length of 2.50″. Keep this in mind if you’re expanding capacity with 3″ or 3.5″ shells!

Q: Why should I choose the MXT Magazine Extension System for my shotgun?

A: There are a lot of reasons! Check out our MXT benefits and features page here!

Q: How do I expand the magazine capacity on my Mossberg 930JM Pro?

A: The factory extension on the 930JM is one of our older EXT model extensions and cannot be added on to in the same way as the newer MXT extensions. You have a few options for expanding your magazine capacity:

1. The easiest way to add extra rounds is to buy our MXT Tube only and a new MXT tube end cap along with a new spring. This will convert your EXT to the current MXT extension.

2. Replace the existing factory EXT extension completely with a new MXT extension of the same length, or upgrade to a new length which will require a new spring.

3. Purchase an MXT coupler plus extension tube. Remove the EXT extension tube from the EXT nut, and thread the MXT extension into the EXT nut. Add the MXT coupler to the end of the MXT tube, then thread the original EXT extension to the end of the MXT coupler and add the original endcap to the EXT tube. This is a more affordable option, however the MXT extension will require a different endcap if you choose to remove the EXT extension, and would significantly decrease your magazine capacity if you used only the MXT extension.

Q: Are any of your extensions compatible with the Mossberg 500?

A: Due to the unique design of the Mossberg 500 magazine cap and barrel band assembly, our extensions will not function with these shotguns.

Q: I ordered a magazine extension for my Stoeger M2000 and it doesn’t fit. What can I do?

A: It appears that Stoeger’s magazine tube thread specs varied throughout production on the M2000. Because of this, some M2000s will not accept our extensions. If you find that your Nordic Components M2000 extension does not fit, simply contact us and return it for a refund.

Q: When should I use an HD spring in my shotgun magazine?

A: We recommend the use of an HD spring in any magazine with a capacity of 13 or higher.

Q: When should I use a barrel clamp?

A: The additional support provided by a barrel clamp is always a good idea. With the exception of Remington shotguns, we recommend use of a barrel clamp on all shotguns with magazine extensions of +6 or more. As Remington shotguns use shorter threads and therefore have less thread engagement with the extension nut, we recommend a clamp on any Remington shotgun with an extension of +3 or more.

Q: Is it OK for my magazine extension to extend past the muzzle?

A: Yes. You may experience carbon build-up, scoring, or discoloration on the portion of the extension that extends past the muzzle, particularly if using a ported choke tube, but this damage is cosmetic and should not have any effect on function. Cosmetic damage of this nature is not a warranty issue.



Q: Do I need to perform a break-in process on my Nordic Components rifle barrel?

A: No. Due to proprietary processes during manufacture, Nordic Components barrels are intended to be accurate as received and do not require any break-in procedure.

Q: Is there a special wrench for installing my NC-1 or NC-2 handguard?

A: We do not offer a handguard wrench for our NC-1 or NC-2 handguards. The instructions included with the handguard outline the installation process without any specialized tools.

Q: How do I use the crush washer while installing my compensator or flash hider?

A: The crush washer allows you to index the muzzle device into the correct position and hold it in place. As you are physically crushing the washer when the muzzle device is tightened, it will require some force to bring the muzzle device to its proper position. Crush washers are single-use items; if you tighten the muzzle device too far and are not happy with the positioning or otherwise have to remove the muzzle device, you will need to use a new crush washer.

Q: Is the 22RB Dedicated Upper compatible with registered drop-in auto sears or registered lower receivers?

A: No. The 22RB Dedicated Upper is not designed for full-auto function.

Q: Can I use an aftermarket charging handle in my 22RB Dedicated Upper?

A: No. The 22RB Dedicated Upper uses a proprietary charging handle. However, it does use standard AR-15 charging handle hardware and can be replaced with other similar charging handle hardware.

Q: Is the 22RB Dedicated Upper compatible with aftermarket triggers/hammers?

A: Nordic Components recommends using only hammers with a straight strike face with the 22RB. Hammers with an angled strike face, such as the AR-Gold or Hiperfire, may result in damage to the 22RB firing pin. Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty.



Q: How much is shipping and how soon will my order ship?

A: We charge $8.95 shipping and handling on orders up to $199, and offer free shipping on Internet orders over $199. Additional shipping charges will be added to orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii (please call or email for pricing). We ship orders as they are received, and strive to ship orders within 48 hours during the week.

Q: Do you offer military or law enforcement discounts?

A: As Nordic Components’ way of saying Thank You to the military and active LEO community we offer a 10% discount on Nordic Components manufactured products. All non-Nordic Components manufactured products are subject to regular pricing. Please contact sales@nordiccomp.com for further information.

Q: Who do I contact about issues with third-party products?

A: If you have a problem with a product we sell that is not manufactured by Nordic Components, please contact the manufacturer. Please keep us informed as to how your issue is resolved, as it is important to us that our customers are taken care of.

Q: How do I return a product to Nordic Components?

A:  We accept returns for items sold on our web site ONLY. If you purchased a Nordic Components item from another seller, please contact them for returns or exchanges.

Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. You must return the item within 30 days of your purchase.  Include in your package a signed letter stating the reason for your return and the receipt/invoice.

Please take the same care that we do sending your products out. Ensure the product you wish to return is well protected and safe from damage in transit, using appropriate sized packages and material. An item damaged in transit will not be accepted for return.

Return Exceptions Some items cannot be returned if they are opened or used. Merchandise that has been worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.

Restocking Fee All items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. We also do not refund the original shipping and handling that you paid on the order. The only exception is if the merchandise is returned due to a factory defect and is for exchange.

Exchanges If your item was ordered in error and is in like new condition, you may exchange it for a different size or product. You will not be subject to a restocking fee in this case, but you still will have to pay return shipping plus the difference in price between the returned item and the newly wanted item.

For any other issues, contact Nordic Components Retail Division at (952)442-8900.