General FAQ

Can I order direct from Nordic Components?

Nordic Components is currently not accepting or processing direct retail sales. Please visit your local dealer or one of our online dealers to order our products.

Where can I find Nordic products?

Most firearms/sporting goods dealers, whether they are national chains or small, independent shops, will have access to our entire product line through their wholesale vendors. Otherwise, head on over to our Where to Buy page.

What’s your warranty policy?

Nordic Components does not explicitly state a warranty on our products, but we stand behind them regardless. If you have a problem that appears to be due to defect from the manufacturer, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Please note that we do not provide any warranty on products that have been altered or used in a manner other than that which is intended or stated by the manufacturer.

The part I ordered doesn’t work. Can I return it to Nordic?

Any returns must be handled through the dealer who sold the products — we do not have any way to issue refunds or exchanges against orders we didn’t process. If you require technical information related to a potential return or exchange prior to contacting the seller, feel free to contact us.

MXT Extension Kit FAQ

My shotgun isn’t listed with any of the extension nuts you make. How can I add to my magazine capacity?

Most shotguns we don’t specifically list will still use a common thread pattern and likely share compatibility with another extension nut. We recommend removing the magazine cap from your shotgun and test-fitting it to some of the models for which we make a specific extension.

If you find a shotgun that will accept your cap, then the extension for that shotgun should work on your gun.

We have found that the most commonly used thread specs are for the BN, BR, MB, and RM nuts (see links for specific models).

Some shotguns may require the threaded portion of the factory magazine tube to be shortened or the use of a spacer to allow the extension nut to tighten against the barrel lug.

Why should I choose the MXT Magazine Extension System for my shotgun?

There are a lot of reasons!

Check out our MXT Extension Benefits and Features page.

Is it OK for my magazine extension to extend past the muzzle?

Yes, within reason. Your shot pattern typically doesn’t begin expanding significantly until it is a couple feet past the muzzle. We recommend an extension no longer than 18″ past the muzzle.

Note that there will be fouling build-up and discoloration/ablation of the anodizing on the extension tube ahead of the muzzle. This damage is cosmetic and should not effect function. Cosmetic damage of this nature is not covered by warranty.

How do I expand the magazine capacity on my Mossberg 930JM Pro?

New production 930JM shotguns use our MXT extension tubes. Capacity can be increased by using either an MXT Coupler to add an additional extension tube or by installing a longer MXT extension tube.

However, older 930JM shotguns use our older EXT extension tubes, which have different thread specs for the tube cap and will not accept an MXT Coupler in the same way as an MXT tube.

There are a few options for adding capacity on these shotguns.

1. Buy an MXT tube of the same length as the existing extension (either +4 or +5) and a new MXT tube end cap along with a new spring. This will convert your EXT to the current MXT extension.

2. Replace the existing factory EXT extension tube completely with a new MXT extension tube of the desired total capacity. This will also require a new cap and spring.

3. Purchase an MXT coupler and new extension tube. Remove the EXT extension tube from the EXT nut, and thread the MXT extension into the EXT nut. Add the MXT coupler to the end of the MXT tube, then thread the original EXT extension to the end of the MXT coupler and add the original endcap to the EXT tube. This is a more affordable option, however the MXT extension will require a different endcap if you choose to remove the EXT extension, and would significantly decrease your magazine capacity if you used only the MXT extension.

Can I put an extension on my Benelli, Beretta, Browning, or Mossberg?

MXT extension assemblies require the front of the magazine tube to be open when the cap is removed so additional shells can pass through. Any shotguns that do not have an open end to the magazine tube cannot accept an MXT extension.

Some of these shotguns include:

  • Benelli Cordoba
  • Benelli Montefeltro
  • Benelli Ultralight
  • Beretta A300 Outlander
  • Beretta A391 Urika and Teknys
  • Beretta A400 Xcel and Xplor
  • Browning Maxus
  • Maverick 88
  • Mossberg 500

This is not an exhaustive list; make sure to visit our MXT Shotgun Compatibility page for more detailed information.

I ordered an extension for my Stoeger M2000 and it doesn’t fit. What can I do?

Stoeger appears to have changed the thread spec on their factory magazine tubes at some point during the M2000 production run. Because of this, some M2000s will not be compatible with our extension nut. If your M2000 is one of these, we do not have a nut that will fit.

When should I use a heavy-duty (HD) spring in my magazine?

We recommend the use of an HD spring in any magazine with a capacity of 13 or higher.
We do not recommend use of an HD spring in any Mossberg shotgun, or in the Browning Gold.

Other Shotgun Products FAQ

Do I need to use a barrel clamp?

The additional support to your extension tube that is provided by a barrel clamp is always a good thing, particularly if you want to also mount accessories near the front of your shotgun. We strongly recommend use of a barrel clamp with extensions longer than a +4, or with any extension that extends past the muzzle of your shotgun.

How can I mount a sling to the front of my shotgun with an extension attached?

Depending on the type of sling you prefer, your best options would be using our QD Mount for Shotgun Barrel Clamps, which accepts a push-button QD swivel, or directly attaching a 10-32 sling stud into the center threaded hole on the clamp, for traditional swivels.

Can I mount other accessories to my barrel clamp?

We offer a Picatinny Rail for Barrel Clamps to accept most standard accessories (lights, lasers, etc.).

Do I need to replace my follower?

Our extensions are designed to function with the factory-supplied follower. However, some OEM followers are more prone to problems once an extension is installed (primarily shorter followers, especially those made of plastic). If you encounter feeding issues, one of the first things to consider is an upgraded follower.

I don’t see my shotgun listed as compatible with the part I’m looking for. Can you make me a special part?

We aren’t capable of offering custom or one-off components. It is possible that something we offer for a different shotgun will be compatible with your gun — check out the rest of the FAQ subjects for additional information, or contact us.


Can I change the fire control group/trigger in my NC PCC?

Blowback-operated AR-pattern rifles can be complicated when it comes to aftermarket fire control groups.If you want to upgrade or replace your existing fire control group, we strongly recommend considering one of those that has been specifically designed and listed as being suitable for PCCs.

When will magwells for the Beretta/CZ/BlasTech DL-44/SIG/(insert other pistol here) be available?

We have an extensive list of potential magazine compatibility that we are continually evaluating; once we have solid development plans and some sort of an ETA, we will announce upcoming magwells.

Is there a particular type of ammunition I should use in my NC PCC?

The NCPCC is designed to accept any quality, factory-first ammunition. We have found slightly improved reliability with 115gr ammunition, but heavier rounds are perfectly acceptable.

The bolt catch isn’t engaging properly to lock the bolt open on an empty magazine. How can I fix that?

The small arm that protrudes above the magazine well is elevated by the follower on an empty magazine, and pushes the arm upward to engage the bolt catch. If this arm is bent too high (or a magazine with a non-standard follower is used), the bolt catch may not properly engage. This can be remedied by gently bending the engagement arm downward so it has more contact with the follower.

Rifle Product FAQ

Do I need to follow a special break-in process on my Nordic barrel?

Due to the processes used during manufacture, Nordic barrels are intended to be accurate as received and do not require any special break-in procedure.

Do I need a special wrench or tool for installing my NC-1 or NC-2 handguard?

We do not offer a handguard wrench for our NC-1 or NC-2 handguards. The instructions included with the handguard outline the installation process without any specialized tools.

How do I use the crush washer included with my Nordic flash hider or compensator?

The crush washer allows you to index the muzzle device into the correct position and hold it in place. As you are physically crushing the washer when the muzzle device is tightened, it will require some force to bring the muzzle device to its proper position. Crush washers are single-use items; if you tighten the muzzle device too far and are not happy with the positioning or otherwise have to remove the muzzle device, you will need to use a new crush washer.

Can I use my 22RB upper on a registered full-auto receiver or a lower with a registered auto sear?

No. The 22RB Dedicated Upper is not designed for full-auto function.

Can I use an aftermarket charging handle in my 22RB upper?

No. The 22RB Dedicated Upper uses a proprietary charging handle. However, it does use standard AR-15 charging handle hardware and can be replaced with other similar charging handle hardware (such as oversized latches).

Can I use an aftermarket fire control group with my 22RB upper?

Yes, but we recommend using only fire control groups which use hammers with a straight strike face. Hammers with an angled strike face, such as the AR Gold or Hiperfire, may result in light primer strikes, as well as damage to the 22RB firing pin and/or bolt. Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty.