MXT Extension, Tube Only. 12ga.



Product Description

Nordic Components MXT magazine extension tube.

  • MXT extension tube for changing magazine extension length and capacity
  • Available in variety of lengths between +2 and +9 (shell capacity measured with 2 3/4″ shells and may vary with shells of differing length)
  • Features relief groove to eliminate barrel clamp travel and ensure repeatable placement after disassembly
  • Relief groove is not centered and can be relocated by reversing the tube (thread pitch the same on both ends)
  • Includes ONLY MXT tube
  • May require purchase of new magazine spring if you are changing the capacity of your existing extension

Attention Washington D.C. Residents: We will not ship any magazine tube extension or magazine extension tube component into Washington D.C. due to current regulations.

Additional Information

Adds to your factory magazine capacity

+1, +2, +3, +3B (for flush fit on 18.5″ barreled Benelli M1, M2), +4, +5, +5B (for flush fit on 21″ barreled Benelli M1, M2), +6, +7, +7B (for flush fit on 26″ barreled Benelli M1, M2), +8, +8B (for flush fit on 28″ barreled Benelli M1, M2), +9


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