Low-drag Shotgun Follower

Low Drag Shotgun Follower 12ga/20ga



Product Description

Nordic Components anodized aluminum low-drag shotgun follower

  • Improved design reduces shotgun follower binding or hangups within tube, particularly in transition area between factory magazine and extension
  • Anodized aluminum construction for durability and longevity
  • Red and blue anodization increases shotgun follower visibility for additional safety while checking magazine for ammunition

Note:  Any spring/follower retention features or devices within the factory magazine tube will need to be removed for function with the Nordic Components follower

Additional Information

Low Drag Follower

12 ga. Low Drag Follower, 12 ga. Low-Drag Follower for Benelli Nova/Super Nova and Vinci/Super Vinci, 20 ga. Low-Drag Follower


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