Extension Tube Springs 12ga/20ga

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Replacement spring for shotgun magazine extensions.

  • Spring has extra length to allow fitting to magazine
  • Ships coiled in package with instructions for determining length and cutting
  • Available in standard and heavy-duty strengths for 12ga, standard strength for 20ga

NOTE: Due to magazine spring tension issues, we do not recommend using an HD spring in the following shotguns:

  • Mossberg 930 (all models)
  • Browning Gold

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Extension Tube Spring, 12ga., Extension Tube Spring, 20ga., HD Extension Tube Spring, 12ga.

3 reviews for Extension Tube Springs 12ga/20ga

  1. kevinharrington333 (verified owner)

    The Nordic Components extension tube spring is th Gold standard… what. Pew do
    I need to say? If you have an extension tube on your shot gun and you use it for 3 gun or tactical shotgun you might as well just buy two right now. One to put it right away and one to keep as a back up in case you mess your spring up some how or for down the road because after a lot of use they wear out like any spring will.

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    Running 13+1 on a 24” JM930 with the extension and coupler. Just inserted the HD Spring without cutting it and it runs flawless. Customer service at NORDIC has been awesome I made an error ordering parts and they made it very easy to fix.

  3. Joel

    Some say magazine springs rarely need changed. Those people must never keep rounds in their mag tubes because the stock springs in my 870 and Tac14 didn’t last long under full load. I’m a police officer so my shotguns are typically always kept “cruiser ready”. After upgrading the factory springs to Remington Police springs, I noticed a bit of a difference but again, they didn’t last long. I recently upgraded to Nordic springs and I must say, at first the Remington Police springs make the Nordic springs look and feel cheap. However, I noticed an immediate performance difference. Although the Nordic springs were much longer than the Remington springs, it was still easier to get the last round in the tube. Upon performing a functions check, the rounds blasted out of the magazine tube like I’ve never seen. Maybe I’m just used to old worn springs, but I doubt that’s the case. As a Remington armorer, I can attest that Nordic springs are much, much higher quality for a lower price. My only suggestion would be to cut the springs to 14” or even 15”, not 12” for a pump action shotgun, especially if you have a mag extension. As far as long term use goes, we will have to see.

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