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After a long time in development, we’re proud to launch the new and improved Nordic Components website. We hope this new site is both useful and easy to navigate for you, our customers.

As we’ve moved into conducting our sales through dealers and distributors, many issues with our previous website became apparent. This new version still provides our complete product listing, but also offers a broadly expanded set of informational resources; make sure to head over to the MXT Fit Guide, which provides product compatibility data for a wide variety of shotguns. We’ve also got an expanded set of Frequently Asked Questions, and a rundown of what you need to install an MXT magazine extension. We will update all this information as we gather more data. As this part of the site grows, we hope to provide a robust resource for our customers and dealers.

We know it’s been a challenge to find our products, and we hope that our Where to Buy page will help with that. We’ll also be adding new dealers continually to that page to simplify purchasing. If you’re a dealer and would like to be listed, please contact us!

Also, we’re looking forward to more communication with our customers and the Nordic community. There’s a link on the front page to sign up for upcoming newsletters. Our blog will feature updates on shoots and shows where you can find us. There are links to our social media pages at the top of the page, and our Instagram feed on the homepage. We’re excited to have some new opportunities to connect with you and share what we’re doing.

It might not have a lemon-fresh scent, but we’re pretty happy with our new site and hope you are too. Have a look around, and let us know what you think.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Website

  1. Dave Veal says:

    1st off I’d say. I really love your brand and products. Big big fan of them. But I have to say im still kinda disappointed. Why not sell threw your website? Your product listings really dont offer anymore information about your hand guards and such than your old website did. I click 308 and i get information for 223/556. So do you make a 308 handguard? Plus the reatail places to get your stuff is hit or miss. Ive been trying to get a 308 set up from you forever with no success. Plus no swag or stickers to buy. I know kinda stupid but id love a nordic sticker on my truck and not the little one that came with my receivers plus a nice tshirt on my back. So im just being honest. Im still a fan. But I’d like to see direct ordering from you and thorough description of your products. Like handguard dimensions so i can shop gas blocks. Plus your nc1 handguard is the only one I’ve ever seen for sale. Nc2 ? Nc3 ? Do they exist? Ive seen pictures of them but they’re like sasquatch. Anyway hope you guys get it rolling. Get thouse receivers out and make it easier to buy your stuff not more difficult. Why include a middle man ?

    • Zach says:

      Hey Dave — thanks for the kind words and the thorough commentary.

      Direct sales are definitely not out of the question, but we’re currently configured to sell just through wholesale/dealers, so there’s a bit of infrastructure on our end that would need to be in place before we moved into doing sales through our site. Not impossible by any means, but also not something where we can just flip a switch. Dealer/distributor sales allow us to ship in volume to a handful of places, rather than individual sales through the website, along with reaching some customers we otherwise wouldn’t. As you mentioned, that isn’t without its hiccups. We’re very aware of those issues, and are weighing all the options of best addressing them.

      Product descriptions are a work in progress as we speak. You should start seeing some improvement there pretty quickly.

      To answer your specific product questions, we currently don’t have any .308-specific components on the site, so everything you see under “AR-10 Components” is going to share compatibility with AR-15 parts. The NC-2 handguards have been discontinued, and the NC-3 handguards are a limited availability part in terms of retail, as of right now.

      • Dan Anderson says:

        I have a 12 ga Weatherby PA 08 (pump) with 18.5 barrel. Will be ordering 2 round xt but need advice on nut. Will Midways nut fit my tube?

  2. Bob Schrickel says:

    Looking to see if I can purchase one of your free float hand guard lock rings some where? I broke one and need a replacement .

    Thanks from Wisconsin

  3. Chad Samson says:

    It says not to use the HD spring in the mossberg 930. It doesn’t say which spring TO use. I assume I got the HD spring in the kit because now I have feed issues. I have your +7 tube on my gun, which spring do you recommend and where can I purchase it? Thank you!

    • Zach says:

      Hi Chad — the standard 12ga spring (EXT-SP-12-45) is the only other 12ga spring we offer and is the appropriate choice for the 930. It’s also the spring we include in the extension kits.

      If you haven’t trimmed your spring when you installed the kit, make sure you check the instructions for that. Otherwise, you’ll want to have a look at the shell stop on your shotgun — there are some pretty common issues with the 930. Good info on Brownells’ site can be found here: https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn/learndetail.aspx?lid=15831

  4. Rolando Timario says:

    How do I replace the original dust cover on my nc15? I don’t see the e-clip! Do I need to take the handguard off? Need advise!

  5. Harold Moran says:

    Looking for mag ext kit for 1301 tactical but dealers indicate a wait of December 2021 or later. Do you have any estimates for making up the shortage. I realize these are tough times as I just waited over four months for a wheeler. Nordic rates high and I want the best. Thanks

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