MAP Policy

Nordic Components has established a Minimum Advertised Pricing policy (“MAP policy”) for its products.  To protect both the integrity of our brand and of our dealer network, we will deal only with dealers and distributors who sell to dealers who advertise net retail pricing at or above our established MAP.  The MAP for individual products is listed on our current Dealer/Distributor pricing list, and is available to relevant parties upon request.  It is the responsibility of the dealer and distributor to determine MAP by referencing the pricing list.

Any violation of our MAP policy will be strongly enforced.  Notification of the violation will be sent upon discovery to the dealer or distributor in question.  Continued failure to comply with MAP policy will result in the revocation of the dealer/distributor’s status as a Nordic Components dealer or distributor.  Additionally, distributors will be notified of their dealers’ failure to comply with MAP policy; violators will be placed on a “do not sell” list.

All advertised prices must meet or exceed our listed MAP.  Any listings on Gunbroker or similar sites must have an immediate-sale (“Buy It Now”) price listed at MAP or higher.

Please direct any questions or concerns to

Thank you for your attention to this issue and your continued business.