9.25″ NC-22LR Pistol


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The grown-up, complete pistol version of our popular 22RB dedicated upper — because everyone knows that the only thing better than a dedicated .22LR upper is a dedicated .22LR upper that comes with its own fully-equipped lower receiver.


The 22RB’s match-grade barrel comes prepared to accept a suppressor – the barrel threads are cut to the proper spec for most popular .22 suppressors, and has a machined tenon to accommodate the O-rings found on certain suppressor models.



  • 1-16 twist match barrel
  • A2 flash suppressor
  • Aluminum slim diameter hand guard
  • Aluminum upper
  • Stainless steel bolt


  • NC15 forged lower receiver
  • Mil-spec fire control group, mag catch, and bolt release
  • Magpul MOE polymer trigger guard
  • KAK Pistol Brace and buffer tube
  • Standard carbine buffer and spring

*Will accept all Black Dog AR-15 .22 magazines



Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 10 x 45 in


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