Josh Kenny wins gold at IPSC World Shoot

DSC_9589crop   We are proud to learn that Josh Kenny captured the Junior Division championship at the IPSC World Shotgun Championship in mid-September. On the way to his Junior Division win, he placed 11th overall out of 218 shooters in the Standard Division, also making him the highest-scoring British shooter in the division.  Josh has been shooting a Benelli Vinci decked out with Nordic Components accessories, including our magazine extension. In addition to his success at the IPSC World Shoot, Josh took first place at the 2015 British Masters in Standard Division, along with securing his third consecutive UK Junior Shotgun Championship.  At seventeen years old, Josh has already shown tremendous skill and consistency in this discipline. His record places him among the top practical shotgunners in the world.   DSC_9567crop Nordic Components is proud to support all our shooters around the world.  We’d like to congratulate Josh on his winning season and look forward to more success in the future!

One thought on “Josh Kenny wins gold at IPSC World Shoot

  1. Kevin Foley says:

    Do you make a barrel clamp for 20gages I didn’t see one listed?
    I have a Benelli M2 20ga with a +7 extension and would like a clamp to support it. Let me know.


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