Shotgun Magazine Extension Kit, 12ga. Nordic Components “MXT” Extension


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Product Description

Available for these brands: Benelli, Beretta, Browning, Mossberg, Remington, Winchester, FN, CZ, Stoeger*, and Franchi.

Our new MXT Shotgun Magazine Extensions feature a clamp groove to allow our clamp to fit more precisely on the tube and all shotgun barrels. The tube is now reversible so you can position the clamp where it best fits your shotgun or between the barrel rib lands. These feature a new end cap designed exclusively for the new MXT extension tube.

Machined from strong lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum tubing, you can add anywhere from +1 to +9 rounds. Barrel nuts are designed to match OEM styling. Kit includes: barrel nut, magazine tube, spring, and end-cap. We recommend using our Low-Drag Follower and our Shotgun Tube Clamp for the best performance. Our tube has an OD of 1.06″

NOTE: Clamp shown only for reference, and is not included. Please order clamp separately. +1 MXT Magazine Tube Extensions do not feature the clamp groove.

*Recently, we’ve seen some Stoeger M2000 shotguns not accepting our magazine tubes. It appears that Stoeger has changed the specifications on the M2000 mid-production, and successfully fitting the Stoeger M2000 extensions will not be possible on certain M2000’s. If you find that your Nordic Components Stoeger M2000 extension does not fit, simply return it for a refund.

Attention Washington D.C. Residents: We will not ship any magazine tube extension or magazine extension tube component into Washington D.C.

Barrel_Ext_Measurement_Illustration2 Barrel_MXT_Clamp_Groove_Location

NOTE: Extensions for the Browning Auto-5 (MXT-BP) Fit OLDER Auto-5’s only. Extensions for the new Browning A5 (MXT-NA5) Fit the new inertia-operated A5’s of recent production.

Additional Information

12ga Brands

Browning BPS, Auto 5, Mossberg 590, 835, 930, 935, Remington Versa Max, Winchester SX2/SX3, FN SLP, Browning Gold/Silver, Benelli M1, M2, SBE, SBE2 (does not fit Nova or Super Nova), Remington 1100, 1187, 870, Cti-105, Stoeger Model 2000, Franchi I-12, Affinity, Browning A5 (2012+), Winchester SXP, Winchester 120, 1200, 1300, Benelli: Nova/SuperNova, Beretta: 1301/391 Xtrema/ 391 Xtrema II, A400/A400 Xtreme (not A400 Xplor or Xcel), CZ: 712, Remington 887, Stoeger M3000, Stoeger M3500

Extension Tube Length

+1 – Adds 3.1 to 3.5 inches, +2 – Adds 5.7 to 6.2 inches, +3 – Adds 8.3 to 8.7 inches, +3B – Adds 9.5 inches. For 18-1/2″ Benelli M1/M2 Tactical, +4 – Adds 10.1 to 10.5 inches, +5 – Adds 11.6 to 12 inches, +5B – Adds 12.5 in. For 21″ Benelli M1/M2, +6 – Adds 14 to 14.4 inches, +7 – Adds 17.1 to 17.3 inches, +8 – Adds 19.8 to 20.2 inches, +9 – Adds 22.5 to 22.9 inches